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Music Kiosk

Rihanna PresentationDesign Rationale Slide One: On slide one I included a picture of Rihanna, my chosen artist, along with her name. I also included my name and the date. The picture of Rihanna enters with a subtle expand effect. Her name enters with a basic wheel effect. My name and the date enter with the … Continue reading

Concert Poster

Design Rational: In order to fulfill the 50% rule I had to manipulate a photograph of Say Anything. The original photograph had the whole band in the picture but I cropped only part of the picture, cropping only a fraction of lead singer, Max Bemis. I cropped him out in a way that I thought … Continue reading

Animated Font Poem

Design Rational: I chose the images I did because I felt that they represented the meaning of the poem I chose for the font poem assignment. The font poem talks about making your own trail instead of following the usual path. This is why I chose two different brick path images and used the paths … Continue reading

Font Poem

“Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Design Rational: I chose this saying because I think it’s important to represent who you are throughout your life rather than represent someone else by being a follower. On my font poem where … Continue reading

Contact Sheet

Contact Sheet: Design Rational Row One: After downloading an image from, I dragged it into Photoshop. Then I chose “Image-Image Size.” Next, I changed the height to one. I could see if I found a 1200dpi by looking in the resolution box. I was also able to change the dpi in this section in … Continue reading