My dear friend, Juli, shared this story with me. Forensic artist, Gil Zamora, sketches women he has never met or seen before, first based off of how they describe themselves and second, how people who just met them describe them. When the person being sketched looks at the comparison of the two final pieces, they see how hard on themselves they were when describing their physical features and how beautiful and happy they look to the outside world in comparison.

As you can imagine, this was seriously emotional for some people. I even let a few tears go! Especially in today’s day and age, I feel as a young person it’s extremely hard to accept my natural beauty when I am constantly getting products thrown at me to enhance and correct my physical appearance. This video motivated me to be more confident with myself and remind myself that my outer beauty cannot be defined by a reflection in a mirror.

Check it out here: Dove Real Beauty Sketches via Youtube

Dove Real Beauty Sketch via Google Images


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