ICDM Assignment: 10 Blog Questions

1. What are you good at? 

There are a lot of things that I am good at (and a lot that I’m bad at for that matter.)
These are the first few things that come to mind:

I am good at developing myself professionally.
I am good at marketing myself.
I am good at making other people laugh.
I am good at listening.
I am good at bull shitting.

2. Do you like doing this? 

I love everything I do otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it.

3. What do you think you know better than anyone? 

I think I know myself better than anyone.

4. How did you come into this knowledge?

I have access to my own mind.

5. What do you care about?

I care about my family, friends, and my future success, in that order.

6. What do you enjoy?

I enjoy being recognized for my hard work but more than this I enjoy the relaxing moments to take a break after I have worked hard.

7. What do you find fascinating?

I find our existence to be fascinating.

8. If you had unlimited time and resources what would you do? 

If I had unlimited time and resources I would open my own corporate marcom agency complete with PR, marketing, and design departments that would work together to make the company the most successful one in it’s industry.

9. If you could make anything what would you make?

If I could make anything it would be the world’s most appetizing meal.

10. What do you think about art? What is it? Who is it for? 

I think art is a bull shit term for creative release. I think art is for everyone.


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