All for Love: Canyon Jump

After skimming through Yahoo! News this morning, I came across a news story about a guy who was featured in a rope swing video where he and various other guys jump off a 400-foot canyon wall and then swing across a gorge. This brought a few words to my mind: scary, insane, unbelievable and then a couple more: Holy…Sh*t.

Never in my life could someone convince me to do something like that. All for love, the guys girlfriend agrees to do the same jump in front of a film crew.

Before I go any further, watch the video:
*To see the part I am writing about, skip to 11 minutes


The girl starts off her experience saying, “You know, most girlfriends don’t have to have this talk with their boyfriends.” She goes back in forth if she wants to jump or not, hysterically crying and then laughing and getting excited. You can tell she is scared out of her mind.

Why not a little push? “You know I love you right?” And then her boyfriend pushes her off the freakin’ cliff! As she screams, swaying across the gorge she yells back up at him, “I’M BREAKING UP WITH YOU!” Excellent. I just think the whole thing is great.

I believe everyone needs someone in their life who will give them the push that they need every once in a while. Although we may really want to do something, certain times, we can’t get ourselves to do it.

Some days we can all use a push. Don’t you agree?

Until Later,



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