Sonia Sotomayor Talks About Careers on ‘Sesame Street’

Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor visited the set of the “Sesame Street“, one of my favorite childhood shows, to teach today’s youth what a career is. In the video below, while talking to one of the shows characters who wants to be a princess, Sotomayor explains that while pretending to be a princess is okay to do for fun, it is not a career. She teaches the character that a career is something you go to school and train for. Examples she gave were a teacher, lawyer, doctor, scientist or engineer, all excellent jobs.

After reading the comments made on Huffington Post’s article about Sotomayor’s appearance, I realized how controversial this topic was for parents. One group of parents made the argument that their kids should be able to have the freedom of imagination and if they want to think they’re princesses for now, that’s okay. The other group of parents made the argument that it’s okay to play princess but they want their children to know the value of having a real job and know the difference between what is pretend and what is real. I have to agree with this group of parents. When I have children, I will teach them that it’s okay to have a colorful imagination but that’s not reality. I want my child to have a good head on their shoulders as they mature and don’t want them to expect to be treated like a prince or princess. While I was growing up, of course I played princess but I still knew my mother and father went to work every day and had careers, my mother as a teacher and student and my father a businessman. I looked up to my parents…. and the Disney princesses; a perfect mix between imagination and reality.

I feel that Sotomayor executed this example perfectly. It’s okay to pretend but that’s just not reality! Through this “Sesame Street” clip she was able to teach young children that playing is fun, but school is important too. You go, Sonia!


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