It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Is it raining where you are?

It is certainly raining in Connecticut and it’s coming down hard. No thunder or lightening yet but that’s okay because it just interrupts the sound of the rain and I LOVE the sound of the rain. It is common that people like the smell of rain or the smell after the rain, but for me it’s all about the sound in the moment. My favorite thing to do when it rains is sit back, shut off all the lights, open the window, and relax. It’s so calming. In fact, that’s what I am doing right now.

Not sure what to do during this midday monsoon?

Pour yourself a cup of coffee.
Watch an old movie.
Curl up with a new book.
Embrace the rain and relax.

via Pinterest

I am a total sucker for the sunshine and beautiful summer days but there’s something so soothing about a day full of rain. I loved this picture as soon as I came across on it on Pinterest. It explains exactly how I feel on rainy days like today.

Until Later,



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