Crochet Shorts Review – UO v. Zara

This summer I really wanted to find a pair of crochet shorts that I could dress up or wear down.
I began researching different stores online that carried styles that I liked.

Zara Crochet Shorts:

I came across a beautiful pair of white crochet shorts from Zara and they were on sale for $29.99! Their online store offers free shipping AND free returns. How could I not order them to at least try? The shorts came pretty quickly so I was pretty satisfied. The shorts were ADORABLE but way WAY too short. Ladies, if you have a booty… or any curves for that matter, these are not a good choice. I was sad to send them back, wishing they were just a bit longer.

Urban Outfitter’s Shorts:

Just a few days after sending the shorts back to Zara for my free return refund, where they conveniently supplied a FedEx Return Shipping Label, I received an email from Urban Outfitters… DUN DUN DUN. It was all downhill from there. I have a shopping addiction and am completely in love with the style at Urban Outfitters even though they are DEFINITELY ripping me off with every purchase; Too expensive for most of the quality! Regardless, I ordered a pair of their ‘Staring At Stars Mariposa Short’ crochet shorts, among other things. (Whoops!) I also received this package fairly quickly and to my surprise the shorts were PERFECT. They are actually a little loose on me, which is perfect because it leaves room to tuck shirts into these high-waisted style bottoms. If you are super skinny and have no curves, definitely order a size down. I can’t wait to wear my new shorts out!

Urban Outfitter’s for the win!

Until Later,




4 thoughts on “Crochet Shorts Review – UO v. Zara

  1. How did you return at zara online? i dont understand how to do it, when i have pressed “return request” nothing happens, do they send an email i shall print out and stick on to the box or what? 🙂

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