DIY: Nail Art

Lately I have been all about trying new things, especially in the area of “arts and crafts.” These type of projects make me feel like a little girl again and are a nice way to get away from any stress I am dealing with and just do something for myself! I am LOVING do it yourself or DIY projects that have recently picked up in trend, which I think has a lot to do with Pinterest and Instagram where you can find cool nail art ideas under the hash tag “nailporn.” Recently, I bought a new nail polish in Essie’s LuxEffects collection called Set in Stones. This nail polish is purely amazing. It is literally just GLOBS of glitter! I have been experimenting with the new polish and I would like to share my favorite style yet.

via Google Images

You Will Need:

1. Base Coat Nail Polish
2. Top Coat Nail Polish
3. Essie LuxEffects Set in Stones
4. Additional color of choice


1. Apply base coat
2. Apply nail color of choice
3. Apply Set in Stones on only half the nail
(Glob on thick to get the look shown in final product)
4. Let dry for five minutes
5. Apply top coat

***You might think that it will take a long time to dry because you will have to literally glob on the glitter polish but it will only take 30 minutes tops once you put all coats of nail polish on. Be patient! The final product is worth it.

Final Product:

Colors: Essie’s Cute as a Button & LuxEffects Set in Stones

I am not quite sure what I will try next but I already have a whole folder saved on my iPhone with ideas from Instagram. I am open for suggestions! Comment any suggestions below!

Until Later,



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