DIY: Cut Off High-Rise Jean Shorts


As I continue my diet, more and more clothes that I used to frequent have been pushed to the side of my closet. An example of this is one of my favorite pairs of jeans from Urban Outfitters, my BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jeans in grey. I love these jeans because they are super stretchy, making them super comfortable. Additionally, they are the perfect shade of grey to be matched with any top and looked especially good dressed up with a fun blouse tucked into the high-waisted top and a pair of heels for going out.

Now that they no longer fit, I have been debating on what to do with them. Because they are so long and stretchy when I try walking while wearing them, they are pulled down by all the extra material around my legs which is unfortunate because although they are big, they are still stretchy enough to fit well enough with a belt. I tried wearing the jeans with a belt at full length but I just had to keep shimmying them and doing one of those awkward jumping moves to jack them up every five seconds… so NOT cute.

Alas! I reached my voilà moment last night as I was flipping through a catalog I received in the mail. I noticed a pair of really adorable high-waisted shorts the same color as my jeans. I immediately put the jeans on, and drew lines on the thighs where I thought would be an appropriate length. I then took the jeans off and sat on my bed staring at them with the scissor in my hand. After about 20 seconds of deliberation, I quickly cut through the jeans, slipped them back on and folded up the bottoms for a cleaner, cuffed look. THEY LOOK AWESOME and they fit SO much better! Now that there isn’t a ton of extra material around my legs, pulling them down, they are perfect! I love, love, love these DIY shorts!

Recap Steps:

1. Find a pair of old jeans
***Would be cute to try boyfriend shorts also
2. Put jeans on and draw lines on thighs where you’d like to cut
3. Take jeans off and fold perfectly to insure an even line
4. Cut where line was drawn, one pant leg at a time
5. Put jeans back on and make modifications if needed

My Final Product:

I think my next step is to add some silver studs on the pockets.
What do you think? Yay or nay?

Until Later,



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