Daytrip to Six Flags New England

Michael, Tyler, and I at the entrance

As of this past Friday the thirteenth, I can officially cross Six Flags off of my Summer destination list! This means I only have three destinations left.. Very exciting! I know what you’re thinking, who goes to an amusement park on Friday the thirteenth? Apparently, similar to myself, a large majority of people aren’t very superstitious and didn’t care that it was Friday the thirteenth. The drive to Six Flags was about an hour from my house. I went up with six of my friends, my brother, and his best friend, Tyler. (Cutie!) On our way to the park, we stopped at AAAto buy tickets, where they were only $31 and a parking pass for $18. The parking pass was a rip off. While it did save us $2 from parking at the actual park we could have parked right across the street for only $3! Now that sounds like a deal to me. After stopping at AAA we got on the road. About half way there, I could feel my sandal flopping around under my foot. This is when I realized my flip flop had broken (Thank you, Old Navy) and I had to pull off the highway where I found Jessica Simpson sandals for $27 instead of $40 because they were missing a rhinestone that you couldn’t even see because it was under one of the straps. Go me! I am pretty proud of myself. Once we got to Six Flags, everyone else headed to the rides while I headed straight to Hurricane Harbor, the water park. I get really, very sick on rides so I have given up on even trying or standing around waiting for everyone. I quickly found a lounge chair by the pool and baked in the sun for a couple hours before everyone else met me! After spending $15 on a grilled chicken wrap and a bottle of Dasani water plus $14 on a locker to hold my belongings, I headed to the first ride with my friends. The line times ranged from 20 minutes-45 minutes so by the time all was said and done, we only went on a handful of rides. We also spent some time in the pool which was very relaxing because it was SO hot out. I have to say my favorite ride is the water roller coaster. It has just the right amount of dips and twists for me to have fun but still not get sick and it is a blast!

Lacey, Juli, and I coming down one of the many water slides

Overall, I would definitely have to say I had a great time at Six Flags New England. It wasn’t my first time going and it won’t be my last. I always have an awesome time when I visit the park. My only complaint would have to be how pricey everything is once you get inside the park.  Honestly, how are you going to charge people $4 for a bottle of water? Water should be free all over the park! Until Later, Caitlin

Check out more pictures from my day at Six Flags New England below!

Until Later,



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