Independence Day in Block Island, RI

I can cross one of my summer destinations off my list! I visited Block Island for the Fourth of July with some of my best friends from school and my number one friend and best galpal from home, Jenny.

Jenny and I looking patriotic decked out in red, white, and blue

With Fourth of July landing on a Wednesday this year, it called for a very awkward work week. The Eve’s Addiction office was closed for the holiday and we were surprised by being let go at 4:30pm rather than 6pm on Tuesday! (It was an awesome surprise.) With that  being said, as soon as I got out of work I headed straight to Charlestown, Rhode Island with Jenny to my friend Michaela’s beach house. (Michaela is my best galpal at school and soon to be roomie :D) That night we celebrated her birthday with our closest friends from Roger Williams and her family. It was a great night spent catching up, eating way too much delicious food cooked by her parents who do NOT mess around in the kitchen, owning their own restaurant and deli, Steve’s Place, and watching the boys set fireworks off on the beach.

The next day, we ventured to the Point Judith Ferry about 25 minutes away and began our venture to Block. Within 50 minutes we were eating lunch at Ballard’s Inn, where I got a Mahi-Mahi Sandwich and it was DELICIOUS but definitely overpriced to say the least. I love good seafood though so it was worth it. The rest of the day we relaxed on the beach, soaking up the sun, which we were extremely grateful for. When we got on the ferry that morning it had been raining and pretty cloudy and we didn’t know how the day would turn out! Thank you, mother nature! Probably the funniest event at the beach was our friend Mark coming out of the water realizing his iPhone had been in his pocket. We all joke around with Mark because he can’t keep a phone to save his life. This is probably his fifth phone lost or broken in my 2 years of knowing him.

Late afternoon a few of the girls and I ventured into the boutiques like the tourists that we were and all bought some form of Block Island apparel to add to our collections of tourist destination t-shirts. I bought a washed out green long sleeve shirt with white Block Island print and a big fish on the front. It was the cheapest shirt in the shop at a solid $16.95. I am pretty pleased with myself. After this, we headed back and Jenny and I drove back to home sweet Connecticut where we ate some delicious veggie burgers at my house and enjoyed about five minutes of Law & Order SVU (my favorite) before both passing out. We were exhausted!

Fishing Dock in Block Island

Overall, I would say Block Island was a success. I don’t think I would go back on the ferry unless it was for a specific gathering such as this one but I would definitely visit with my family on our boat! It was the perfect destination if you are traveling by boat. I think my family and I are going to venture back there early August with another family for a couple nights. If I go again, you will be sure to hear about it!

I hope everyone had a safe, fun, and relaxing Fourth of July!

Until Later,



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