EA Interview Series: Dainty & Decadent

The second interview series that I conducted was with Maria of Dainty & Decadent. Maria frequently tweets about and at Eve’s Addiction and links to the company on her blog whenever she wears an outfit with a monogram necklace she ordered on the website. Maria immediately caught my eye, adorning a totally flawless, chic look, with a lot of the same tastes as myself!

In the interview, we asked Maria, “Tell us what you think the hottest hue of the season is and what you are doing with it?”

Her Answer: “Neon is a big trend right now but I’m in a very committed love affair with mint right now!  I love pairing my mint jeans and mint cardigan with stripes.”

I loved this answer because while neon is definitely a hot trend right now, I am already sick of it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things mint, as it is my favorite color, so I was thrilled to see someone with so much enthusiasm about it as me. I have been wearing mint every chance I get!

Huge thanks again to Maria!

Please Click to View Interview


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