EA Interview Series: beijosTiffany

The first Interview Series that I conducted was with fashion blogger, beijosTiffany. I came across Tiffany on a Pinterest board called “Bloggers We Love” by Lucky Magazine. After checking out Tiffany’s blog for myself, I could see why Lucky has her on this board!

One of my favorite things about doing the interview with Tiffany was her answer to “If you could tell the world one thing about summer fashion in general, what would it be?” 

Her Answer: “The one thing I would tell the world about fashion in general-summer, winter, or fall is to always dress for yourself. If you dress for yourself than you will exude confidence and to me confidence is sexy and key to making an outfit work. For summer specific though- be free! Go makeup free, product free, and don’t do your hair. I tend to never wear makeup in the summer.”

I could not agree more with this answer! I think that summer is a time where you should let your hair down and not care so much about make up! When you have a tan on your side, who needs make up anyways? Summer should  be a time for a natural, beachy look.

Huge thanks again to Tiffany!

Please Click to View Interview


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