Ted Movie… Save Your $

I went to see Ted with a friend earlier this week, July 2nd. I haven’t been to the movies since seeing Snow White and the Huntsman and I just needed to get out of the house for a bit. Ted definitely would never be my first pick as something to go pay $10.00 to see but it was the only movie out that I hadn’t heard anything horrible about yet and I am a huge fan of both Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg. In fact, I could stare at Mark all day.

The story follows the life of a man named John, played by Mark Wahlberg. Growing up John has no friends so he makes a wish that his stuffed bear he got for Christmas, Ted, will come to life. To his surprise the bear does come to life and the two promise to be best friends. This part of the movie is probably the funniest because the boy doesn’t try to hide the fact that his bear came to life, he tells the world. You see Ted go on national talk shows and referred to by John’s parents as a “Christmas miracle.” The whole thing is just so unrealistic and obnoxious. This is where I got most of my laughs.

As the movie progresses, John turns into a 35 year old, still living with Ted, while also living with his girlfriend of four years named Lori, played by Mila Kunis. Lori can’t handle living with Ted anymore because he is such a bad influence on John. Lori is successful and John is being held back by Ted, while getting into trouble for skipping work and partying too much. This is where the movie got weird. I felt like it was just being dragged out at this point. The rest of the movie is about John growing up and getting away from the bad habits of his pot-smoking, talking teddy bear. It was stupid. The movie ends with everyone happily every after, realizing they all need each other in the end. Shocking!

I have decided these types of movies just really aren’t for me. I thought it was funny in the beginning but by the end I was checking my watch every 3 minutes, along with 95% of everyone else in the theater. Not so much a waste of time, since I was just trying to chill anyways but definitely a waste of money. Something I should have just seen when it came out on Netflix!

I suppose that’s what I get for going to see a rated R movie about a living teddy bear. I think my biggest diasppointment is that Mila Kunis was in the movie. She is so beautiful and talented and the movie was the complete opposite. Come on, Mila! I’d give it a 2/5.

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