Sophomore Year: Semester II

Sophomore year complete! Am I really a junior already?

My second semester of my sophomore year was by far the most vigorous year for me at Roger Williams University thus far. While working on campus and trying to maintain a social life, my classes became extremely overwhelming.. but I survived! I took five classes for a total of fifteen credits this semester and each class was just important as the next. I would like to share a little bit about my experience in my public relations class, which I enjoyed the most, even though it was the most time consuming and stressful to say the least!

Principles & Practices of Public Relations
Professor: Doctor Amiee Shelton, Ph.D

This class was my most valuable and time consuming class of the entire semester. In this class, we learned the basics of public relations (PR) including different kinds of jobs you can have within the PR industry. The most valuable thing that we did in the class was create a PR campaign for an actual business/organization. My group chose to do Jolly Roger Public Relations. Basically, we were a PR firm tasked with generating awareness and excitement for a new PR firm, Jolly Roger. This firm would be student run by the PR students at Roger Williams University. I am hoping to have the opportunity to actually execute the plan my group members and I created with the help of Doctor Shelton.

Another valuable thing that I learned from this class, as mentioned earlier, was the different jobs I could have within the PR industry. By attending PR week events hosted by RWU’s PRSSA, I was able to sit in on presentations done by 9 different people or partners working within the PR field. The most interesting thing I learned from the presentations, was about advocacy PR and it’s connection with politics. I never thought  this was something I would be interested in, but it turns out I’ve never been more interested in any other kind of PR! After realizing this might be something I could really see myself doing, I met for coffee with one of the presenters that had interested me, a RWU alumni, and she offered me an internship for Spring 2013. I can’t wait! I plan on shadowing her for one day in the Fall so I can get an idea of what I am getting myself into. More to come on this topic once that happens!

Side Note: Doctor Shelton was just approved by the school’s president for her tenure and promotion. Congrats, Doctor Shelton! Well deserved.

Until Later,



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