Photography Through My Eyes (Final Project)


With a click of a button I have recorded a moment in time

An infinite amount of words in just one image

With every picture and every moment I find myself wanting to capture more and more

The powerful images move me to share stories through a single image, captured and frozen in time to be savored forever

Snap, snap

I have been given a golden opportunity

I see people through my camera’s lens and capture it in a single moment

My passion for photography has emerged, showing the passions of others

I experience a proud feeling being able to capture someone doing something they have a strong passion for

My soul has been moved the way music moves my body

Ba-boom, ba-boom

I hear music and my heart begins rapidly moving to the beat.

I stand in the dark background of the stage

I dance to the loud music while I let my camera snap away, recording another night to be remembered

I hear the quick noise of the shutter go off over the loud music

As I capture this still moment in time, I know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life


I used many skills that I learned throughout the semester in order to complete my final project. I used all of my own pictures for the images in the movie. First, I used Adobe Photoshop to edit the pictures. I used the cropping tool on Photoshop to crop out anything unwanted in the picture. I also was able to use the different effects to put different tints on the pictures. Once I had all of my pictures together I wrote out my script. I then recorded myself speaking the script by using Audacity. Next, I checked in iMovie to see if there was music already imported that I could use. I ended up finding the perfect background music right in iMovie.

Once I had all of the necessary materials to put the project together I began to construct the final draft. First, I made a PowerPoint with my pictures and script. I did this by pasting images large enough to not look pixilated individually into slides. I then wrote out the script in chunks underneath the slides in the “notes” section. Then I printed my PowerPoint to use as a guide. Next, I went to “File” and chose “Save as pictures.” This moved all the slides to my desktop as pictures. I then was able to drag them into iMovie one by one and arrange them in the correct order. After I did this, I inserted my script by dragging it in over the images. Then, I inserted the music background directly from iMovie’s library and added transition noises. I chose a camera shutter since I did my project on photography. Once everything was in iMovie, I adjusted everything so that it flowed exactly the way I wanted and then I exported it to my desktop as a medium movie. From this point I uploaded it to Vimeo and posted it on my blog.

I would not have been able to do any of this with out taking this class. I have worked in Photoshop before but not to the extent that we learned how to use it. I have also used iMovie but I didn’t know there were so many options and I certainly didn’t know you could use PowerPoint slides to get the images for movies made in iMovie. When I used iMovie for a school project in high school I was never even able to figure out how to take off the Ken Burns effect. Now I know how to do that! Finally!


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