Save the Bay PSA

Design Rationale:

Save The Bay protects, restores and improves the ecological health of the Narragansett Bay region, including its watershed and adjacent coastal waters, through an ecosystem-based approach to environmental action; defends the right of the public to use and enjoy the Bay and its surrounding waters; and fosters an ethic of environmental stewardship among people who live in or visit the Narragansett Bay region.

Going from the still version to the video version of the public service announcement wasn’t hard. In order to create the video version, Danielle and I went down to the shore of campus and recorded some clips of the bay. Our biggest challenge was swapping out the pictures for the video and trying to figure out exactly how fast or slow to word the script the second time around because the in the still PSA it just happened to work perfectly and we didn’t have to adjust. We had to try moving it around a couple of times until it fit the video in a smooth way. We established transitions in both the still version and video version by putting a very, very brief pause in between the pictures and clips. We didn’t want too much of a pause because we used pictures and video that pertained to each other so we wanted it to flow naturally into each other with out too much of a distraction in between.

To prepare the audio tracks for both the still PSA and video PSA it wasn’t too much of a difficulty because for the background noise we used audio that was already stored in iMovie so we just had to drag it onto the part of the PSA that we wanted it to be present for. For the voiceover we used audacity and it was extremely simple to record our voice and drag that in as well. The only difficulty we found doing this was figuring out exactly where to place the voice over according to the pictures and videos.


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