Music Kiosk

Rihanna PresentationDesign Rationale

Slide One: On slide one I included a picture of Rihanna, my chosen artist, along with her name. I also included my name and the date. The picture of Rihanna enters with a subtle expand effect. Her name enters with a basic wheel effect. My name and the date enter with the basic wedge effect. Lastly, on this slide I chose the background color for the slides to be a light green color and I applied it to all of them.

Slide Two: On slide two I included an overview with six facts about Rihanna. Originally I just put the five facts in as bullets and left them in the format that Power Point originally entered them as. I then realized, I had to insert individual text boxes in order to put effects on each individual bullet so that they would not all enter at one time. I applied the effect basic dissolve in. After a bullet fact comes up and the next one is on its way, I made sure to fade the past bullets so that the reader would only focus on the point at hand.

Slide Three: On slide three I inserted a picture of Rihanna’s album titled Loud. Then I inserted individual text boxes, like I did in the previous slide, with each track from the album and it’s song time. The album picture enters the slide first with the basic blinds effect. Then each text box with the album track’s enters with the basic dissolve in feature.

Slide Four: On slide four I made a table comparing Rihanna to three other female artists similar to her, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Alicia Keys. I inserted 5 separate tables with 1 row and 4 columns each, displaying each of their names, home towns, birth name, and current age. I then made it so that each table entered with the basic split feature.

Slide Five: On the final slide, I inserted six pictures of Rihanna. Each picture comes in with the random bars feature. At the bottom of the slide at the very end of the presentation, Rihanna’s website is displayed. I did this by inserting a hyperlink. I also changed the color to hot pink so that it would stand out by doing a custom color theme.


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