Concert Poster

Design Rational:

In order to fulfill the 50% rule I had to manipulate a photograph of Say Anything. The original photograph had the whole band in the picture but I cropped only part of the picture, cropping only a fraction of lead singer, Max Bemis. I cropped him out in a way that I thought would fit the poster’s style best.

I chose to use the font Princetown LET because it looked like a very boxy, college type font which matches well because it is what I used to write “CEN” and “Field House” which are both the information of the poster that are involved with the university. I chose Popular Std for the other font because it is a bold font that allows “SAY ANYTHING” to really pop as well as the information on when tickets will be sold. All of the information that I wanted people to see right away were typed with this bold font. I also chose to have “SAY ANYTHING” appear as the only red part, while the rest of the fonts stayed white. I did this again, so that “SAY ANYTHING” would really pop the most since it is the band that would be performing.

I chose the “Z” layout for my poster. I did this because I felt it was the best way to get the readers full attention by leading their eyes from left to right across the top of the poster.

The only problem that I encountered was changing the size of Max Bemis. I figured out how to change the size of him by changing the scale to different percentages. This resolved the only problem I faced.

I am most proud of how eye catching the poster turned out to be. At first, I planned to do a Vanishing Point layout which was nice but when I started creating it, my mind was all over the place when I looked at it because the information was so spread out and there was so much color and design to look at. Once I decided to go with the “Z” layout and keep the colors simple and classic looking, the poster looked much more professional. I am most proud of how the poster came out both eye catching and professional.





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