Animated Font Poem

Design Rational:

I chose the images I did because I felt that they represented the meaning of the poem I chose for the font poem assignment. The font poem talks about making your own trail instead of following the usual path. This is why I chose two different brick path images and used the paths to represent the two different ways you could choose to go. I also included the grass and the sky because it helped create a peaceful nature scene that also flowed with the theme of the font poem.

I arranged the photos the way I did because I tried to create one nature scene using different nature photos. I arranged the two photos of the brick paths so that they split from each other giving the “traveler” two different options just like the poem gives. I set the words so that they would pop up with more or less time depending on how important the word was. At the end, the words and images come together giving the viewer the full effect of the meaning.

The only problem I came across was when I was inserting more pictures into the collage was that some of them were getting hidden behind the others. I then realized I just had the wrong layer chosen and once I selected the correct layer I was able to put the pictures in the order I wanted them to be in.

I am most proud of the way the arranged trail of words flowed so well with the trail pictures in the collage. I think it really gives it the finishing effect and gives viewers a full understanding of the message the poem is portraying.

If I had more time I would have done a much more realistic nature scene for my collage. I like the way it came out but I think it would look much better if there were more images in the background making it look like there’s something the trails are leading to in the background. Although I wasn’t able to use as much detail as I would have liked to, I still like the way my Animated Font Poem came out in the end.


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