Font Poem

“Do not go where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Design Rational:

  • I chose this saying because I think it’s important to represent who you are throughout your life rather than represent someone else by being a follower.
  • On my font poem where it reads ‘do’, ‘go where the’ and ‘where there is’ I decided to use Georgia because it is a small, simple font which matches these words because they do not hold a lot of meaning. For ‘not’ and ‘no’ I used JazzLet and Braggadao because they were larger and more stern looking. Most importantly for the three keys words: ‘leave a trail,’ I used the fonts GiddyupSTD and SavoyeLED. These fonts draw a lot of attention to the main point I am trying to get across becausethey are the boldest, largest fonts in the poem.
  • I arranged the words the way I did because the whole point of the quote is about leaving the usual trail and making your own. I laid out the words in the design of a trail or path as a representation to the quote’s meaning.
  • The only problem I encountered was trying to figure out how exactly to arrange the words. I decided on doing a trail to the left with the three main words on the right in much larger font because I felt this was the best way to draw the most attention to where I wanted it most for the quote.
  • I am most proud of the fonts I chose because they all flow together extremely well and they effectively represent the trail theme I wanted to portray.
  • If I had more time I would add an actual picture of a path or trail to the background and have the words flow down it until it came to the end. At this point I would insert ‘leave a trail.’

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