Contact Sheet

Contact Sheet: Design Rational

Row One: After downloading an image from, I dragged it into Photoshop. Then I chose “Image-Image Size.” Next, I changed the height to one. I could see if I found a 1200dpi by looking in the resolution box. I was also able to change the dpi in this section in order to get all of the other three dpis needed.

Row Two: I found another picture, this time with a lot of color. First I changed the height of the picture to 1 again. I then went to “Image-Mode” RGB was selected. I used this mode as the first inserted picture. I then changed the picture in this section for each of the requested format/modes. **In some cases I was unable to drag picture into document until it was saved as a photoshop pdf file. **Picture had to be on grayscale in order to select duotone mode.

Row Three: I found a third picture, this time with a lot of background imaging. After dragging into Photoshop I first changed the height to 1. I inserted this picture into the “landscape” box. Then I selected the crop tool on the left and cropped from the top, down so that I cut out part of the picture with out changing the size of images in the picture. I first cropped the square with a height and width of 1×1″. When finished, I clicked the check mark at the top of finish the crop. Next, I cropped the portrait by entering the width as .75″ because we only wanted to crop the sides off.

Row Four: I found a fourth picture, this time one where you can see signs in the background that you can’t even read. I inserted this picture into the “wide angle” box after changing the height to 1 inch. I then cropped the picture using the crop tool and by entering the same dimensions in the crop box that are shown in “image size.” I cropped the picture closer and then even closer until I was so close it was super zoomed and you were able to read the sign that once was not clear.

Row Five: I found a fifth picture, the Brooklyn Bridge, something with a lot of structure and shapes and then changed the height to one. I inserted this picture into the “representational” box. After doing this, I cropped closer and closer each time until I got to a point of the picture that was so cropped in the picture looked like an abstract image.

Row Six: For row six, I used one of my own pictures, dragged it in, and changed the height to one. Then from there I went in to “filter” and was able to choose different filters such as artistic- palette knife, sumi-E, and glowing edges.


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